Infrared Lamps for PET Processing

We have a comprehensive range of liner quartz infrared lamps for industries using PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) In Products such as food packaging and beverage containers.

The High quality and longevity of our PET lamps means they are used world-wide by many machine manufacturers.

  • High  efficiency :reduced running cost
  • Life 5000+ hours: reduced replacement cost
  • Most energy-efficient reflector coating
  • Compatible with all machine models
  • Clear lamps compatible with external reflectors
  • 1000W-3000W

Integrated reflectors

Our PET lamps have a built-in ceramic reflector system that focuses infrared energy forward in the direction where it is required, reducing the loss of heart to the rear and improving efficiency. Infrared heat is emitted forward through the quartz tubing or reflected off the back of the tube to then pass out through the front.

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