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Globally, markets have shifted towards sustainable business operations, moving beyond traditional corporate social responsibility to consider all aspects of sustainability—people and planet.

At INTRAPAC, we are committed to setting an example for our industry as a responsible corporate citizen focused on continuous improvements in the areas of safety, security, and social environmental and supply chain performance. We don’t just aim to meet minimum requirements. We believe in raising the bar to conduct our daily operations efficiently and with exceptionally high ethical standards and practices, while also encouraging our partners and stakeholders to embrace a similar commitment. We must develop innovative sustainability solutions for the industries and regions in which we operate. With respect to environmental quality, we are currently defining new goals, having achieved the ones set previously earlier than expected.

Our sustainability mission includes supplying sustainable packaging that meets our customers' needs through innovative manufacturing and strategic material selection.

Consumers are increasingly concerned with the impact they’re making on the environment and are demanding more eco-friendly products and packaging. We are supporting our customers’ sustainability efforts to help lessen their own environmental footprint.

Commitment to Environment

At INTRAPAC, we’re serious about our commitment to environment.

Our environmental policy is designed to integrate environmental management into our everyday operations, improve our environmental efficiency and core sustainability and support our partners in reducing their carbon footprint where possible.

The pressures on our planet’s limited natural resources and the challenge of climate change require prompt and concerted action from us all. We take wide-ranging measures to protect biodiversity and combat climate change.

We are reducing our energy consumption in day to day operations, incorporating recycling in our supply chain and establishing sustainability standards for choosing manufacturers and suppliers.

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