Hygiene adhesives

Baby care

Copind Hygiene demonstrates its experience in the Baby Care market in developing adhesives that are modeled on the specific needs that arise when making disposable diapers, training pants and hygienic bed pads.

Feminine Care

The products for feminine hygiene guarantee the consumer the greatest protection, in line with an increasingly active and modern lifestyle.

Copind Hygiene provides a comprehensive response to the individual needs of producers who make sanitary towels, pantyliners, nursing pads, postpartum pads and light incontinence products by creating high-performance hot melt adhesives designed both for the making of the product and for its placement on top of garments.

Adult Care

Copind Hygiene guarantees the best know-how in the development of hot melt adhesives for the production of the whole range of incontinence products, from bladder control pads to protective underwear and hygienic bed pads.The quality and the possibility of customizing our hot melts guarantee the integrity of all of the absorptive and adhesive characteristics of incontinence products, fundamental for the highest degree of comfort and safety for the user.

Pet Care

Hygienic products for domestic animals envisage the use of high-performance adhesives in the production of disposable diapers and hygienic mats that guarantee the best performance when it comes to comfort and protection in the sharing of domestic spaces.


The medical product, be it for individual use (plasters, wound care products) or professional use (gowns and surgical cloth), requires the greatest respect for hygienic criteria when there is contact with skin and wounds.

Copind Hygiene’s adhesives for the medical industry guarantee the product with quality, safety and comfort as the skin’s transpiration process is never interrupted.

Copind Hygiene adhesives

Adhesives for construction

Copind Hygiene produces hot melt for the gluing of back sheet/textile back sheet, hygienic mats and SAP, acquisition layer, top sheets, leg cuffs, elastics and frontal tape.
Our adhesives derive from in-depth research on the field and are developed so as to guarantee the best adhesion of all types of elastic and increasingly thinner and flexible supports, in line with the material’s technological evolution.

Adhesives made for positioning on garments

Copind Hygiene’s adhesives, suitable for positioning feminine hygiene products on garments, are designed to guarantee excellent adhesion, an essential guarantee that they will remain stable during their use.
Our glues are constantly being tested on the most common fabrics used to fashion female underwear so as to ensure the highest product performance when being removed from the garment (easy removal and lack of adhesive traces on the fabric).


Adhesives are developed specifically for every kind of application.


High levels of adhesion do not decrease over time.


Copind Hygiene adhesives do not develop odors during their application, guaranteeing the integrity of the finished product.

Services and Advantages

Innovation and research, experience and customization allow Copind Hygiene adhesives to combine the optimization of waste with the maintenance of the highest qualitative standards during the productive processes, guaranteeing that the final product performs excellently when used and that it be totally safe for interaction with the skin.


Copind Hygiene offers the greatest individualization of their adhesives so as to be able to model them on the client’s real needs, both in terms of adhesiveness (guaranteeing the quality of the finished product) and in terms of researching the best compatibility with machinery (so as to optimize the efficiency of productive processes.


Copind Hygiene guarantees, on request, the supply even of minimum quantities of adhesive to meet your needs completely.

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